By Mike Engleman on January 28, 2023. This blog may not be popular for many, but that is fine! We have free speech, freedom of ideas and opinions even where there’s discussion and disagreement. It doesn’t mean we have to call each others ideas, speech, opinions, beliefs out as anti the cause, the movement, or be solutions oriented. I try to provoke thoughts, insights, and offer some of both. So here goes!

For those who are still stuck in the back again, without direct military intervention resulting in mass arrests with military tribunals, we are not taking America back! We do not have safe, secure, free elections to vote our way out of this bullshit! This first paragraph will be the one that culls the herd. People don’t want to hear anyone say this out loud, calling for military intervention. Why? Fear of permanent military occupation leading to a communist regime? Like we have now already? No. That is not what I am in anyway suggesting. I will say “clean up in aisle 5” meaning cleaning up the DC sewer swamp immediately!

It took years to get us here. It’s going to take years to get us out of here, and we don’t have years! That’s the reality whether you want to accept it or not. I’m not being a Debbie Downer, I’m seeing through the lenses of Realsville. We’ve watched for years, the quiet, systemic, methodical destruction, & dismantling from within of our culture, courts, judiciary, nuclear family, education system, government, even the church in some circles. None of this gets fixed by any single president because of how deep, how far, how wide it goes.

Look at private citizen billionaire Donald J Trump! The outsider who became president, pledged to “drain the swamp” tried to, but was betrayed at every level, at every turn, even by his inner circle! One person can not fix this shit! It’s going to take an army of Patriots willing to put everything on the line to truly save the Republic. The media, the elections are so damn corrupt, half the country watches the trash media, believes their bullshit lies, and thinks our elections are legitimate. The battles are real! Reality is, we need 280 House seats, 70-75 Senate seats with true America First Patriots willing to take it on with no fear!

Our elections are not producing the kind of God-fearing Patriots to take the Republic back. Hopefully, enough people understand the seriousness of the situation. It’s a 5 alarm fire, war within our own government, and nobody is putting out the fire!

Equally frustrating is where the hell has the Republican Party been during this because they abandoned us! Not fighting is complicity. ‘We The People’ must be the America First movement! Who is the leader? Each of us must be the leaders in our local communities. How? Start locally! Get involved, be engaged, and build your own local movement to affect change, run for local office or find people to run. Start with school board, city council, county council, state rep. Attend meetings, ask questions, and get involved. You take the country back one school, one town, one city, one state at a time, from the ground up!

Let each of us be the America First leader of the movement where we are! Make it happen, starting yesterday!