By Mike Engleman on January 20, 2023. Recent Twitter File drops detailed how lowlife, lying scumbag, House treasonous Democrat Adam Schiff, and his staff, were coordinating with employees at Twitter, during the Trump presidency, in trying to ban every Conservative account on twitter. Actions that proceeded, post Trump!
It’s truly amazing what this lying scumbag, and so many of his criminal Democrat partners have gotten away with over the years, especially during the Trump years. What’s equally amazing is how so few House Republicans seem to give a damn. For that, these traitors were allowed to get away with violating their sworn oath, run roughshod over the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and literally get away with putting the country through hell with a cheerleading fake news media, all in, all the way, in trying to force suppression of free speech.
What Schiff and his staff employees were doing was engaging in outright censorship of individual peoples First Amendment rights. This went on for years, and was even supported by Big Tech. All because Conservatives were questioning Schiff, pointing out his lies, and crimes. For that, he believed people should be banned from Twitter and other social media sites. How dare we challenge a Democrat!
Schiff and his staff were coordinating with the FBI and Justice Department in trying to take down thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of accounts, many of which were utilizing social media in generating income. These revelations were worse than I had imagined them to be, and just how successful it was with many. Libelous slander based on zero evidence took free speech rights away from Americans all over the country, with no retribution. Now, imagine what happens if it was a Conservative Republican House member engaging in this nefarious activity? I would dare say the hypocrite left and media would have been demanding resignation, expulsion from Congress, even prosecuted. The DOJ would probably pursue criminal charges of Conspiracy after coordinated FBI raids.
The worst thing about all of this reinforces what we have been watching for years. That a two-tiered justice system exists in our government. One consolation is that Adam Schiff was removed from the House Intelligence committee when Republicans assumed the majority. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy had no choice, it was one of the demands from the Gang Of 20 holdouts in the Speakership battle. Schiff, Eric Swalwell, and Ilhan Omar, all removed from their House committee assignments.
It still does not negate the fact of what Adam Schiff, his staff, got away with. Their actions were criminal. Republicans without a doubt would have been treated differently under the same circumstances. Innocent Americans free speech rights were absolutely targeted. There have been no consequences for these criminal actions. It is a long way from ever being corrected. The years of corruption within the FBI and Justice Department, courts, and Judicial system, will take years to fix. This is not an overnight solution, that’s why people like Adam Schiff walk away.
Lots of questions with very few answers or remedies to repair the damage done, or reverse this course!