We are at a point in American history where presidential elections could be decided by the influence of Time Magazine’s Person of the Year Taylor Swift. Some try to say men are women and women are men. Others are unable to define a woman and America’s CDC runs a promotional campaign to bring awareness to their belief that trans lesbians are lesbians too.

This, somehow, has become our world.  Individual freedom and liberty have been replaced by groupthink, virtue signaling, and tribalism. What will be the cost? We have already seen mediocre male athletes only identifying as female to compete in and win national championships. The Biden administration has proposed changes to Title 9 that could further damage equal protection for women.

On this episode of ‘Our Lives & Politics’ Congresswoman Lisa McClain (R-MI) passionately defends women’s eroding rights during a Congressional hearing. McClain has specific legislation to defend and protect our daughters moving forward.

We also hear testimony from a senate hearing with F.B.I. Directory Chris Wray. Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley expose the DOJ and FBI in scathing exchanges over the departments’ lack of accountability.  And, what about the Republican primary presidential debate? Did anyone watch it? Was there a real winner?

Plus, meet Matt Showmaker (R-NC) congressional candidate. Matt is a U.S. Navy veteran where he served as an officer specializing in Russia and China intelligence. Hear his vision for America and his campaign as his Super Tuesday primary nears and he shares in depth analysis on Ukraine/Russia and China.

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