When the Republicans narrowly won the majority in the House of Representatives in November 2022 many believed that accountability and retribution were on the way. Ten months into the GOP-controlled House and they have delivered extremely limited results.  Raising the debt ceiling to $3 trillion is the only tangible accomplishment of the 118th Congress. New House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) stepped into the mess that Kevin McCarthy’s leadership created. When Johnson started the job, he only had two weeks to solve the government shutdown. He showed some creativity in passing two continuing resolutions that get America into the new year without defaulting on its obligations.

Kevin McCarthy had promised to release the 40,000 hours of the January 6 video, but never did it. Last week Mike Johnson delivered on McCarthy’s promise by releasing the video. Johnson has continued all the congressional hearings that the GOP had been working on this year. The impeachment inquiry and the weaponization of government on its people will continue to be investigated.

Mike Johnson is only a few weeks into an excessively big job, and I am already seeing and hearing some conservatives mumbling about Johnson’s ineffectiveness.

That makes me wonder and ask questions, are expectations for the House of Representatives way too high?

Shouldn’t we understand there can only be limited results with split political parties controlling the federal government?

On this episode of Our Lives & Politics, we go into a live X Space to get the pulse of the people. How do you feel about the Mike Johnson young speakership? What were your expectations for the 118th Congress? Are you satisfied? Or are you already frustrated with Mike Johnson?

Plus, Booker Scott shares some evidence, despite the way things may appear that America is still functioning as the Republic the founding fathers intended.



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