By Lou Bozada on Dec 27, 2022

I personally feel that the time for unity is beyond long overdue. We the people should never have allowed ourselves to be led astray by our elected servants. They are there to serve us, not the other way around. Have we become complacent? Lazy? Detached? Or all of those? Whatever you believe the cause to be, each one of us should look inward and ask ourselves, are we involved enough? Or at all? Self-reflection can be a hard pill to swallow at times, when genuinely done, it can truly be an eye-opening experience for us all (including myself).

I realize many become defensive when they are asked, what are you doing to combat these issues? Believe me when those like me ask this question, we truly are not being judgmental in any way. We are merely attempting to motivate others to get involved anyway they can. You see, we all have our own personal concerns and dislikes regarding what is going on in our country. To voice those displeasures is our God given right. Not to mention we should speak loudly on these atrocities. Now let me ask you, if all we do is talk or complain about these important issues continuously what have we accomplished? Seriously, complaining has gone on for years. Guess what? Nothing is getting any better! Why is this? Simple, there has not been enough action (involvement) on our part!

Whether most of us believe this or not we are the “MAJORITY,” but we at times act as if we are the “MINORITY.” Have we not learned in the last several years since 2016 what the true minority has accomplished to change? Imagine if we injected ourselves in our local school boards, local (town or city) government, state government, or federal for that matter. Again, imagine the possibilities!

Now, I realize many of you have families, demanding jobs, life in general that gets in the way or limits your involvement. But even something as simple as helping a campaign you support by making calls, or going door to door, sign distribution are just a few examples. One could sign up to work local polling locations at This site is a breeze to navigate. It will supply you with the form to sign up in your area. Just remember, whatever you decide to do, no matter how small, it is something. Keep complaining, but also add another important ingredient, “ACTION” and we will create a recipe for success!


I feel it is imperative to explain when I refer to “WE the PEOPLE” or the “MAJORITY” I am speaking of all people. I believe we have more in common than not. My message is one of unity, not division. Divided we will fall, united we stand. I realize many will find this statement controversial but let us remember we are all brothers and sisters in Christ.

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