By Lou Bozada on Jan 23, 2023. How many times have you personally heard that the border is secure? Too many times to recall I would suspect. Amazingly, mainstream media keeps pushing this lie. Maybe they figure if they tell us the lie enough times the masses will buy it, hook, line, and sinker. Seems to me they are correct in thinking that. Many have been hooked on the idea that what Washington, D.C. is telling us is the gospel.

Let’s take a few steps back and reevaluate this. The US-Mexican border extends from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean, across Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California. It is 1,954 miles long.

To date, we have apprehended and turned back historic numbers of aliens trying to cross the border illegally, arrested dangerous transnational criminals and criminal trespassers, and seized enough deadly fentanyl to kill every man, woman, and child in the nation. And yet no one from this administration has taken this invasion of our Republic seriously, not one.

For example, they are hiding the number of got aways from us. Most Americans never think about the implications of this. It is no exaggeration when Border Patrol says the total number is somewhere north of 1 million. The got aways (recorded) are conservative estimates from camera traffic, drone traffic, sensor traffic, etc.  Including hundreds of thousands who entered illegally, undetected. Now, let me ask you, who are these got aways and undetected persons who are in our towns and cities?

What we know for sure is only what the Border Patrol has told us. They report that they have arrested 100+ known and suspected terrorists. These are only the ones they have caught. How many of these got aways are possible enemies of our way of life? How many child molesters? You get the point.

Would you stand for someone illegally entering your home? They would have access to all your amenities for free. I would make an educated guess that no one on either side of the aisle would accept this. Strangers in your home? Your personal space and privacy invaded? I think not. Not one liberal or conservative bleeding heart would condone this nonsense in their private lives, period.

This brings me to the point that all these illegals will without a doubt put a large burden on our education system, medical system, welfare system, legal system, and so on. Who do you think is going to pay this bill? The government, who is supposed to protect us from this very thing? How can they? Our tax dollars that’s how. Through complacency, we are allowing this. Can we all unify and say no, enough is enough?

Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas has continuously deceived us about the security at the border. Nothing he has told us has been true, not a single thing. The administration told us that it is all Congress’ fault, it was broken when we inherited it, and DHS has been executing a comprehensive plan to secure our border, these are just a few disgraceful lies. Not to mention they had the nerve to tell us that it was not their fault, and another time they claimed there was nothing we can do about it. Finally, they claimed that the DHS intends “clear consequences” for those who enter illegally.

Kamala Harris (Border Czar) has been absent since she was put in this role. She is an embarrassment to this country and irrelevant to be blunt.

And then there is Joe Biden who holds the most powerful office in the free world. What has he done to protect our country? Nothing. These people cannot even perform their most basic role, protecting “WE THE PEOPLE,” it is absolutely disgraceful what they have done in just 2 years.

We are witnessing the most corrupt and incompetent administration in our history. Bar none.

As we suffer through this woke clown show, remember the billions that are going to Ukraine to protect their sovereignty and borders as we watch our own country being invaded, while the federal government turns a blind eye. We have been forsaken….