By Booker Scott on Dec 28, 2022

Reality? What is it? The answer depends on who you may ask, but there is one thing that has always been the truth and that is TRUTH. Contrary to what some may say in the Woke Times we live in, there is no my truth, your truth or their truth. There is only the truth.

Elon Musk made a determination sometime after purchasing Twitter to reveal much of what we had expected to be the truth. Twitter was suppressing voices and messages that were contrary to the United States government or the Democratic Party messages.

I was never sure where the censorship directives were coming from, but my hunch was it was only Twitter and their executives. Was I ever wrong about that?

While Twitter Files #1-#6 confirmed what I had known, they gave little more than vindication or validation to me.  Twitter Files #7-#10 is a completely different story. In fact, the latest releases of the Twitter internal communications should make any and every American angry.  Regardless of your politics or biases what this has revealed is something our Republic cannot tolerate.

The United States government agencies were not only coordinating with Big Tech, Social Media Platforms and Media in some cases they were planting stories and narratives while suppressing the truth. This goes all the way to the top of government to the president, both Donald Trump and Joe Biden.  Even the Pentagon was involved to change our thinking about China, Iran, Russia and others.

The very tactics used on people around the world by United States agencies to change elections or create uprisings were used on the American people. The FBI was the front door for all the other agencies to enter into the Twitter playground of truth suppression. It was the FBI that called Hunter Biden’s laptop Russian disinformation and convinced Twitter to suppress all the stories about it, including the New York Post that led to their subsequent ban from Twitter and other platforms.  The FBI did all of that while they possessed the laptop.

Almost any political subject over the last 5 years, and probably more, has been tainted by the U.S. Government.  Widespread election interference, Covid origins, Covid itself, Vaccine efficacy and side effects to many more. I suspect we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg. There were 80 FBI agents assigned to the special task force for Twitter. Can you imagine the vastness of this operation against the American people?

Facebook, Twitter, Google, Verizon and more were all involved in meetings leading up to the 2020 presidential election under the guise of foreign interference and the relationship became cozier and cozier with every new lie concocted. I would have never imagined that my own government would go to such lengths to keep me from hearing differing opinions or entertaining questions, but they did. The FBI and Democrat Party named specific people for Twitter to ban and Twitter “handled it.”

Sadly, the mainstream media is giving no coverage of the Twitter Files. So, while the veil has been lifted there are very few peeking in to see the truth. Is it going to make a difference? Who knows, but it’s a start and we had to start somewhere.  Let us start and always end with the TRUTH.