By Booker Scott on April 19, 2023.

Why do the Democrat lies always become the gospel truth and a conservative view, opinion, or idea always a conspiracy theory? There are so many examples over the last 10 years but let us focus on one that’s currently breaking news.

Prior to the November 2020 election, you will remember the Hunter Biden laptop and The New York Post story. It was just weeks before the general election. Some polls have suggested that as many as 15% of the people that voted for Joe Biden would have voted differently, if they voted at all, had they known about Hunter’s laptop. We can remember how the story was suppressed. The New York Post was even removed from social media as a result.

As the laptop story was circulating and being called a conspiracy theory by many, suddenly there was a letter stating that the laptop story had all the ‘earmarks’ of a Russian disinformation operation. 51 former intelligence community members signed the letter. James Clapper and John Brennan were among the signatures.

Soon after, in their mockingbird fashion, all of the mainstream media repeated ‘the laptop was Russian disinformation’ until it became the gospel truth. The laptop story disappeared, the 2020 election took place and Joe Biden became the 46th president. The 51-intelligence member letter was the cherry on top of 5 years of Democrat disinformation about Russian collusion that we now know was a DNC hoax and operation to mislead the American people.

How did that intelligence letter happen? Who was responsible for the letter? And without any knowledge of the laptop, how did 51 people come to the same conclusion? For those of us that were mocked as conspiracy theorists at the time, it just never made any sense. It was clear this was another DNC and Joe Biden lie.

It’s now being revealed that the person behind the coordination of the letter is Secretary of State Antony Blinken. This is the same Antony Blinken that served as the Director at the Biden Center at the University of Pennsylvania. That is the same Biden Center where classified documents were recently discovered in a closet. The same Biden Center received millions, some say up to $54 million, from China.  Those dots connect themselves.

Opposition research and lies are part of the big political game and with the mainstream media gladly participating for only one side, the outlook is bleak.  The 1st Amendment guarantees a free press, and a free press has been one of the most important parts of this 250-year experiment that is our Republic of the United States.

Without honest media understanding their vital role in this experiment and being willing to find and publish the truth, there’s nothing that will stop tyranny.  Unfortunately, I see nothing in our future that will change, so I guess I will continue to be a conspiracy theorist because I prefer to be right and stand for the truth.