Wyatt Gilmore

Wyatt Gilmore2023-02-05T22:25:18-06:00

Fitness and behavior change expert.

Studied Exercise science at Quincy college, there I studied under the first researcher of nautilus equipment and the first strength coach of Major League Baseball Wayne Westcott.

American council of exercise personal trainer

Certificate of Behavior change by the Institute of Fitness Behavior Change.

I am a student to mentors myself and follow rigorous and continuous study in these areas both for my well-being and the men I speak with. I work specifically with men in a time when everyone is lumped in together, but there are differences specific to men as to why we get stuck with the burdens we do.

In 2023 vices and lack of purpose is so common it seems like what’s the big deal?

What I find more and more for many guys it doesn’t even occur to them until things don’t go their way. It has passed as acceptable that most guys are running from responsibility and purpose to pleasure fun and irresponsibility. Well, it’s not, the men who make the changes and overcome their old ways pave the way for their son’s brothers, and coworkers to strive toward a bigger vision for their lives.

I help guys everyday overcome the vice that continues a cycle of struggle, shame, blame and guilt. To become the best version of themselves and to do that separation from the lost boy syndrome will be the process that creates the leader you and your family needs.

We aren’t working out purely for muscle, we are working out to build our soul, to have our integrity at the ready and not allow weakness to shape our lives.


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