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26 11, 2023

#31 – Derek Chauvin Case: Things Kept From Us

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In this show, we cover various topics including the Ireland immigration issue, the challenges of assimilation and cultural differences, leadership failures, Biden's Department of Homeland Security memo on preferred pronouns for illegal aliens, a disturbing case of a daughter accused of assisting her mother's suicide, and the contrasting performances during Thanksgiving halftime shows. We also cover other topics including a discussion about the stabbing of Derek Chauvin in prison, the documentary 'The Fall of Minneapolis', injustice in Derek Chauvin's trial, George Floyd's cause of death, opinions on watching the documentary, the sacrifice of the third precinct in Minneapolis.

21 11, 2023

#29 – Nikki Haley Against Anonymity, J6 Videos Tell An Additional Story, Funded Palestinian Protests

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Nikki Haley wants to do away with anonymity on social media. J6 tapes tell additional stories. Who funded the pro-Palestinian protests? Pennsylvania high school students walk out to protest biological males using girls restrooms and locker rooms. promo code LOUB23 for 10% off at checkout. promo code UNIFY for 5% off at checkout.

15 11, 2023

#28 – NY AG Letitia James Simply Seeks Headlines

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New York Attorney General Letitia "BIG TISH" James campaigned on going after Donald Trump. She continuously posts on X that Trump is guilty. Guilty of what exactly? I thought that in America you were innocent until proven guilty. But she claims that she and the judge have already proved he is guilty. Listen to her campaign clips about how she ran on getting Trump over the years.

12 11, 2023

Recession Collision Course? Protect Your Future

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Daily reports of impending financial doom for the American economy over the last 2 years have convinced most of us that a recession is imminent. Most economists believe 2024 will be a down year and an American recession is almost here. Last week, it was reported that past-due property loans at Wells Fargo rose more than 50% in the third quarter of 2023. They reported more than $3.4 billion is past-due accounts compared to $400 million the previous year. Also, Americans hold the most debt on personal items ever, at $17 trillion. Real income has been shrinking just as American’s savings accounts. Whether the technical term and definition of a recession is ever achieved we still have lived through the highest inflation in forty years, the highest gas prices in American history and now mortgage rates closing in on 8%. Bidenomics is destroying middle and lower middle classclass lower-middle-class Americans. It is taking its toll on fixed incomefixed-income homes. How can you protect your financial future during these uncertain times? Author and financial expert Joe Lombardi joins the conversation on ‘Our Lives & Politics’ to share some ideas you can implement to prepare. Lombardi’s books include: “Be Your Own Bank” and “There’s a Better Way Than Your 401K.”

9 11, 2023

#27 – Presidential Debates Why Bother?

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Presidential Debates are ridiculous at best. The current format is useless to the American people. It is time for a complete overhaul of the debate process. Vivek Ramaswamy audio clips from the Nov 8th Miami presidential debate. We now have four parties, two on the right, and two on the left. Both sides are splintered. RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel is under fire from Republican & Conservative voters. promo code LOUB23 for 10% off at checkout promo code UNIFY for 5% off at checkout

4 11, 2023

Joe Biden’s American Dream: Free Flowing Illegal Immigration

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Over the last year this ‘Our Lives & Politics’ has dealt with the Human crisis at the border quite a bit. We have talked about the death to Americans from fentanyl overdoses, over 140,000 since Joe Biden took office. About 2,000 migrants have died just trying to get across the southern border. Over 300,000 unaccompanied children have entered our nation and somehow the government has lost track of 85,000 of those kids. And yes there have been hundreds of terrorists apprehended at the southern border. In just the last couple of weeks, foreign nationals on the terrorist watch list have been caught from Iran and Lebanon. And as we see Islamic Jihadists rise up all around Israel to destroy that nation, we see supporters of these Jihadists on American college campuses, in the streets, and around the world. Senate hearings this week revealed the truth about the Biden Administration's top immigration officials when they were unable to answer the simplest questions. How many immigrants are in our country? How many has our government deported? Where are all of these people? It is either incredible incompetence or a willing effort to destroy America. Regardless of why, F.B.I. Director Christopher Wray testified that Americans should be vigilant because the F.B.I. does not know where and who these foreign nationals are either. On this episode of ‘Our Lives & Politics’ we hear the testimony of beleaguered Department of Homeland Security head Alejandro Mayorkas and others as they deflect Senators pointed direct questions. Plus, we get the pulse of the people as enter a LIVE X (Twitter) Space. People from across the nation share their feelings, thoughts, and emotions about the human crisis at America’s southern border.

2 11, 2023

#25 – Our Southern Border Must Be Secured

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The one thing we need above all else is to secure our southern and northern borders. Nothing else matters if we fail to secure it. Why? Because with no republic left none of the other issues matter, period. Join us as we discuss the issues we face regarding the border and how it has taken us down so many rabbit holes. Promo code: LOUB23 for 10% off of your order.


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