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31 07, 2023
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Aliens in DC Isn’t News or New

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The much anticipated congressional hearing on unidentified anomalous phenomena (EAP) or UFOs took place at the mother ship of aliens in the U.S. Congress this week. There were a few revealing moments in an otherwise lackluster and disappointing few hours in the nation’s capital. We’ll hear some of those revealing moments on this episode of Our Lives & Politics. The UFOs provided a distraction from more important hearings and revelations that deserve more scrutiny. DHS Secretary again repeatedly lied under oath, and we hear the evidence and the calls for Alejandro Mayorkas’ resignation, and some members of Congress are now calling for impeachment. More freedoms and liberties are slowly being taken. The attack on the 1st Amendment continues as evidence proves the Biden administration pressured Facebook and Instagram to remove posts. Jim Jordan brought the receipts with new documents proving the pressure on social media from the White House changed the companies’ free speech policies.

23 07, 2023
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Just Another Week in DC – Trump Indictment? IRS Whistle-blowers

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This country’s institutions, from the 3 letter agencies to public schools and now from corporations to universities across the land, have been hijacked.  Politicians go to Washington DC never to return home; they are permitted to trade stocks on insider information and grow generational wealth for their families while rarely creating solutions for American families. In fact, their decisions, in many cases have destroyed the nuclear family and crushed the American dream. The American middle class is shrinking while elites make rules and laws for us that they never intend to follow for themselves.  Decisions by our highest courts are being ignored by the executive branch, their solution is to add more justices to the court so they can have it their way. Why? The left is doing what they want now, regardless of laws and court decisions. The agencies that we depended on to keep us safe have turned their web of cyber intelligence on the people. They have tracked purchases and tracked Americans on their phones. This week Donald Trump released a statement about another indictment and this time Special Prosecutor Jack Smith will try to get him for the January 6th Insurrection.  Trump will be arrested and charged again. America is at a point where political opponents arrest and imprison the competition. America has been hijacked.  On this episode of Our Lives & Politics, we look at the incredibly old law the Biden administration is trying to use for college loan forgiveness. SCOTUS ruled the last attempt by the Biden regime to be unconstitutional. What will this new attempt to go around Congress and courts look like?  Also, we hear the testimony and highlights from the week of hearings in the 118th Congress. IRS whistle-blowers testify about Hunter Biden and the Biden crime family.

22 07, 2023

Our Crazy Twisted World

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In this episode, we discuss CBDC's (Central Bank Digital Currencies) and how they will be used to control us. We also share our views on the controversy surrounding Jason Aldean's new #1 hit song "TRY THAT IN A SMALL TOWN." As well as how Hunter Biden is being protected by the IRS and other top officials in our government. Listen in! Hope you enjoy!

16 07, 2023
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Was That Wray Charles or Sergeant Shultz?

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Watching the F.B.I Director Christopher Wray testify conjures images in my head of Ray Charles, Sergeant Shultz from Hogan's Heros and the three monkeys all rolled into one.  It is obvious Wray sees nothing and in his best Klink impression he repeatedly told us, “I know nothing.” Maybe it is a prerequisite to be the Director to be like the three monkeys, eyes, ears, and mouth covered. Multiple independent sources have corroborated, and everyone should know the federal government and its agencies worked with big tech and social media to censor and silence Americans. As important as the first amendment is to each of us, we should have a level of expectation that our rights would be protected by our federal law enforcement.  It should be their number one job.  With every Congressional hearing in Washington D.C., more evidence is revealed to prove otherwise.  FBI Director Christopher Wray was repeatedly pressed this week by members of Congress and his responses were less than forthcoming. In some cases, he claimed he had no knowledge of some extreme overreaches by the agency he leads and controls. On this edition of Our Lives & Politics, we hear Chris Wray dodge and deceive as the questions repeatedly go unanswered. The FBI does not know who Ray Epps is but knows exactly what everyone with a Bank of America debit or credit card had for lunch in Washington D.C. between January 5th and 6th 2021.  Plus, a big reveal on cyber organizations and the World Economic Forum working together before and after the 2020 election to change election laws, coordinate with the state Secretary of State, and then defend the Democrats in court cases in key swing states over election fraud and election audits. We begin and end this hour with some thoughts on conservative political infighting and division we are seeing. Relatively speaking we are still early in the election process for the presidential primary, but the vitriol between factions is already concerning. Will there be so much damage done within the party that no Republican candidate will have a chance in ’24?

15 07, 2023

Biden Staff Fails?

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Join me in this episode as I discuss Mika Brzezinski's plea to the White House staff that they should coddle the president more. Should the Secret Service and staffers be held accountable for Joe Biden's mishaps? His aimless wandering? His frequent gaffes? Is it their job to babysit the president? Listen in! Hope you enjoy!

12 07, 2023

Will Technology Control Us?

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In this episode, we briefly discuss the migrant riots in France and how Emmanuel Macron allows police to spy on people through their cell phones & computers. As well as how the Chinese are using mind and emotion technology on factory workers and school children. Last but not least Elon Musks' Neuralink brain chip. Join us for this short 38 minutes!

10 07, 2023
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Another Democrat Dirty Trick

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One week after Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in November 2016, there was a meeting of all Democrat organizations. The Emergent Fund was created to give grants to groups like Antifa and thousands of others to discredit and remove a sitting U.S. president. We name the names on this episode of Our Lives & Politics.

3 07, 2023
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What Is Patriotism?

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Here we are in July already, and it’s Independence Day, the 4th of July. A time to celebrate. What exactly are you celebrating when you celebrate America’s birth? What do you think Patriotism is? There can be so many answers, and none of them are wrong. That’s what makes the question so interesting to us. As we get into this hour and discuss Patriotism, I also want to feature some previous guests on Our Lives and Politics. The portfolio of interesting and intriguing people is growing, and we’re proud of the great Americans we’ve brought you. Whether it was Julie Kelly, Juanita Broaddrick, Cory Mills, Mike Davis, Matt Palumbo, Michael Johns, Cort Kirkwood, or several others, each one, when talking about the country and the issues we face, always get back to God and you. By you, they mean each of us must get active at the grassroots. Each of us has the ability to make a difference. You may feel like you’re just one person and internally ask, “How can I make a difference?” Some people like you feel the same way and are doing something every day to be an agent of change for our country. Each is a patriot in their own right. Our Lives and Politics is a show that has brought you national political figures, influencers, and reporters over the first half of this year. We’ve spent time revealing truths from congressional hearings and sometimes talked one-on-one with community difference-makers. In this episode, we listen to some of these guests’ comments from earlier this year about God, our country, and you from earlier this year. We also hear the pulse of the people as we talk Patriotism in a live Twitter Space. How has Patriotism changed? How do you celebrate? What memories does July 4th bring back to you? Those are just some of the questions we’ll heawe’ll answer and share. Whatever you think Patriotism is, and however you celebrate it, we hope you have a great American holiday and be safe. Happy 4th!


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