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26 06, 2023
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Durham’s Dud

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In 2016, the Hillary Clinton campaign decided to create the biggest lie in American politics. The Russian collusion story was a fabrication, many of us knew then, and we should know now. It was just dirty politics. Years and years of fake investigations, impeachments, and election interference at our government’s highest levels have devastated our country. One political opponent used the full force of deep state operatives and the mainstream media to create an alternative reality for most people in the country. The Clinton campaign, the FBI, New York Times, Washington Post, and other nefarious actors changed American history by creating their own history. John Durham investigated the origins of the Russian collusion story or hoax for four years. The investigation resulted in a guilty plea by FBI attorney Kevin Clinesmith for lying on a FISA document that allowed the government to spy on Carter Page, who was part of the Donald Trump campaign in 2016. Clinesmith is now back to work. He didn’t even lose his law license. There were a couple of other failed prosecutions by Durham, Clinton attorney Michael Sussman, and Igor Danchenko. Both were only charged with lying to the FBI during the investigation of the Russian collusion hoax, and both were acquitted. And then there was the Durham report. It was released a couple of weeks ago, and we’ve already forgotten what was revealed. Judicial Watch has done great work with so many FOIA requests, which is the Freedom of Information Act. They were on this story for years, and Tom Fitton and his group brought us so much of the truth. If you were paying attention, so many of us already knew much of what was in the Durham report. And much of our knowledge came from those efforts at Judicial Watch. Tom Fitton put this out on social media and Twitter this week. He said, “The FBI knew the Steele Dossier was a sack of lies, and yet they still pushed false allegations in the nefarious FISA warrant applications against Carter Page. They made it a point to try to crush Trump and those around him. It was purely political, banana republic effort to change the course of a presidential election and presidency. Durham let down the American people with few and failed prosecutions. Never in American history has so much government corruption faced so little accountability. Let me be clear, the FBI and Justice Department – and their political masters in the Obama White House – are responsible for the worst government corruption in American history. President Trump is a crime victim who was targeted by a seditious conspiracy by Obama, Biden, Clinton, and their deep state allies.” On this episode of ‘Our Lives & Politics,’ we hear John Durham describe his disappointment in the institution he’s served most of his life. Also, Jason Smith (R-MO), the House Ways and Means chairman held a press conference and revealed more about the Biden Crime Family. We discuss the Schiff censure and a new impeachment of Joe Biden.

19 06, 2023
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Biden’s 50-Year Ukraine Connection

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The next big bombshell report is coming any minute. Our 24-hour news cycle keeps our heads spinning and makes it almost impossible to remember the bombshell that dropped three days ago and two weeks ago seems like years. I say it over and over, distraction only works when we become distracted. The latest big distraction in Washington, D.C., started with a Chuck Grassley whistle-blower and an FD-1023. A what? I had never heard of an FD-1023 four weeks ago, and now everything I read or newscast I watch, there are FD-1023 experts with the latest breaking revelation. We connect some dots on this episode of ‘Our Lives & Politics’ when America Emboldened host Greg Boulden joins to share the very cozy and long relationship between Joe Biden and a Delaware businessman with Ukraine family and business ties. After this show, you will find yourself deep down the rabbit holes of the Biden Family Corruption.

16 06, 2023

Are You Prepared For A Disaster?

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What steps have you personally taken to prepare for a disaster? Whether it is a natural or man-made disaster, will you survive? Have you and your family discussed and practiced your plan if something goes down? No matter if it is a simple power outage, hurricane, or much more serious. Make an itemized checklist of items you will need to survive. It literally could be the difference between life and death. It is never too late to put together a plan. Each of us should have a well-laid-out plan depending on our unique circumstances. Utilize practice runs and make sure all supplies are in place. Listen in as Jesse and I cover the basics and share our own list and ideas for basic survival to the more serious extended plans.

12 06, 2023
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Michigan’s U.S. Senate Candidate’s Solutions

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The American dream meant something when Michigan's U.S. Senate candidate was growing up in a small midwestern town. Michael Hoover was taught values by his parents that worked hard in Michigan factories to provide for the family. Today, Michael Hoover realized his American dream of a successful businessman and he says it's time to give back to this great country. In this episode of 'Our Lives & Politics' we introduce you to U.S. Senate Candidate Michael Hoover and we discuss his view of America today, his vision, and some solutions to give hope to the American dream again. We discuss putting families first, crushing inflation that is shrinking the middle class and the civil liberties seemingly being taken from us more and more. Michael Hoover is a true voice for Michigan and it's time to learn more about him. Also, Craig 'Sawman' Sawyer joins the conversation with heartbreaking news from his efforts to rescue children caught in America's sex trafficking and the sex trade. His stories are real and raw as he puts a face on a great American stain.

7 06, 2023

mRNA It’s What’s For Dinner!

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There is a push in our country at this very moment to increase the usage of mRNA technology & gene therapy on livestock. This includes beef, chicken, pork, and poultry that could be on your local store shelves as we speak. We explain how this meat is considered FROM the USA when in fact it is not. In the U.S., institutions like Iowa State University are currently working on vaccines for cattle with mRNA. Hog farmers are already using the vaccine and have been for quite a while now. We also discuss edible vaccine technology. Which consist of adding mRNA to our fruit and vegetables too. Not only can we ingest this through our food but we could also drink it through the milk of cows who were vaccinated. Studies in mice who drank tainted cows' milk had mRNA in their systems. Those who are pushing this openly admit that the technological side of this is easy, the difficult part is gaining approval from the human population! Do you still maintain that there is no concerted effort to push this on us? One must ask why is this so important to them. Join us as Jesse and I discuss this bizarre plan to eventually inject the global population!

5 06, 2023

De-Stress Show

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Listen in as co-host Jesse and I discuss our relaxing last couple of weeks off the grid! I break down my busy schedule since April and Jesse tells us about his awesome Brazilian vacation. Hard as we tried to have a De-Stressed show we find a way to get sucked back in! Ok, ok I'll admit I got sucked back in! I straighten out the gun control pushers who insist we have a gun problem. While Jesse tells us about the political climate in Brazil and their outlook on drug use. Come join us!

4 06, 2023
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What are you thinking? Hear the Pulse of the People on Trump vs DeSantis

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In the wake of the disappointing debt ceiling failure by Republican leadership in Congress, the American people are begging for a true leader to solve everyday problems. We are living through the highest inflation in 40 years, the highest gas prices ever, a wide-open southern border, and the threat of China as a national security risk becoming real every day. For the last 6 months, there's been great debate on social media and elsewhere about the race that wasn't, Trump vs DeSantis. It had been a waste of energy but with DeSantis officially entering the race I guess the conversation must start somewhere and we'll do that here on Our Lives & Politics. Will the strong personality of Donald Trump which appears to turn so many off open the door for someone like Ron DeSantis? Trump is leading in every poll now but there is a long way to go before anyone votes in the primary. In this episode, we look at both candidates and get the people's pulse in a live Twitter Space. Plus, you will hear from Caleb Slater (R-NY). Caleb is a 26-year-old, first-generation American, running for the 48th District Senate seat in New York. You'll be impressed with this young conservative, and he will give you some inspiration to get involved in your local area.


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