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21 12, 2023

#39 – Media, Politicians Cannot Be Trusted

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In this episode, Lou and Jesse discuss the Colorado Supreme Court ruling that Trump will not be on the ballot, the relocation of Air Marshals to the border, and the media and politicians not being our friends. They analyze the ruling and predict that it will be overturned by the Supreme Court. They also express concern about the transportation of illegal immigrants on commercial flights. Finally, they discuss the biased and sensationalist nature of the media and politicians, highlighting their role in dividing the country.

20 12, 2023

#38 – Illegals, Poisoning The Blood Of Our Country?

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Lou and Jesse discuss supply ships being delayed, attacks in the Red Sea, and the discussion on a new COVID variant. They also touch on the rhetoric and reaction to Trump's statements. They also cover the challenges faced by border patrol agents due to the overwhelming number of migrants, the release of unvetted individuals, and the absence of women and children among the migrants. The lack of support for border agents and the need for stronger border security are also discussed. The conversation delves into the global elitist agenda and the denial of its existence. The potential consequences of unsecured borders, the importance of self-sustainability, and the shift towards alternative media are explored. The conversation concludes with a focus on the importance of emergency food supply and telemedicine for preparedness.

18 12, 2023

#37 – Trump Accomplishments – Klaus Schwab Shares Future Of Voting

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In this show Lou and Jesse cover a range of topics, including Trump's accomplishments, concerns about future elections, potential consequences of government control, speculation on future events, the importance of gold and silver, discussion on voting and technology, the importance of the Electoral College, a list of Trump's accomplishments, discussion on drug treatments, and a clip from the PBD Podcast. Lou also discusses the presence of enemies within the country and the threats faced by Americans. He questions why some people continue to criticize Donald Trump while ignoring the problems within the nation. Lou urges listeners to be prepared for potential disruptions in the food supply and the need for medication. He concludes by encouraging support for the show and fellow patriots.

17 12, 2023


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It is with a heavy heart and tears that I write this as we say “farewell,” to a dearly beloved friend. I had met TB in a moment of crisis and her compassion in that moment formed a deep friendship. Together we would talk for hours on the phone during our commutes; when one of us was lonely; or the other needed a rock to which to cling. But even after all of this time she and I spent together, what can I say? I’ve had enough time to write a book about the way she acts and looks, but I haven’t got a paragraph when it comes to saying “goodbye,” for how does one fit in the magnificence of TB into a few short paragraphs? I cannot. There is far too much in her story and the makeup of the heart and mind of TB. She was many things but above all she was a friend, a person, a mother, and a patriot.

15 12, 2023

#36 – The Ukraine Shakedown Of America, More Biden Blunders, Patrick Mahomes Tantrum

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In this episode, Lou and Jesse discuss various topics including the Ukraine shakedown, Biden embarrassing himself, and the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback. They express their concerns about the excessive spending on Ukraine and the neglect of border security. They also criticize Biden's mental state and lack of leadership. The hosts emphasize the importance of speaking up and holding the government accountable.

14 12, 2023

#35 – Cyber Warfare: “Leave The World Behind”

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Jesse and Lou cover various topics related to preparedness and the potential threats posed by cyber attacks and geopolitical conflicts. The hosts discuss the movie 'Leave the World Behind' and draw parallels between its themes and real-world scenarios. They emphasize the importance of self-sufficiency, community, and trust in survival situations. The conversation also delves into the Chinese cyber army's activities and the potential for a conflict between China and Taiwan. They also highlight the need for individual preparedness and the potential impact of natural disasters.

9 12, 2023

#34 – Population Control, Plus Illegal Aliens to Serve In Our Military!

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In this show, Lou and Jesse discuss various topics, including the Jaffe Memo on population control, payments to Joe Biden, the USS Carney, and Dick Durbin's statements on illegal aliens in the military. The conversation covers various topics including Biden's mental capacity and legacy, the debate on the southern border and immigration, the recruitment challenges in the military, concerns about vetting Chinese military-age males, worries about the changing demographics of the United States, misconceptions about Russian intentions, the United States' debt and financial situation, the need for preparation and research, elevated terror threats, and the impeachment inquiry against President Biden.

9 12, 2023

Women Have Rights Too

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We are at a point in American history where presidential elections could be decided by the influence of Time Magazine’s Person of the Year Taylor Swift. Some try to say men are women and women are men. Others are unable to define a woman and America’s CDC runs a promotional campaign to bring awareness to their belief that trans lesbians are lesbians too. This, somehow, has become our world. Individual freedom and liberty have been replaced by groupthink, virtue signaling, and tribalism. What will be the cost? We have already seen mediocre male athletes only identifying as female to compete in and win national championships. The Biden administration has proposed changes to Title 9 that could further damage equal protection for women. On this episode of ‘Our Lives & Politics’ Congresswoman Lisa McClain (R-MI) passionately defends women's eroding rights during a Congressional hearing. McClain has specific legislation to defend and protect our daughters moving forward. We also hear testimony from a senate hearing with F.B.I. Directory Chris Wray. Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley expose the DOJ and FBI in scathing exchanges over the departments' lack of accountability. And, what about the Republican primary presidential debate? Did anyone watch it? Was there a real winner? Plus, meet Matt Showmaker (R-NC) congressional candidate. Matt is a U.S. Navy veteran where he served as an officer specializing in Russia and China intelligence. Hear his vision for America and his campaign as his Super Tuesday primary nears and he shares in depth analysis on Ukraine/Russia and China.

2 12, 2023

Great Expectations – Limited Results

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When the Republicans narrowly won the majority in the House of Representatives in November 2022 many believed that accountability and retribution were on the way. Ten months into the GOP-controlled House and they have delivered extremely limited results.  Raising the debt ceiling to $3 trillion is the only tangible accomplishment of the 118th Congress. New House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) stepped into the mess that Kevin McCarthy’s leadership created. When Johnson started the job, he only had two weeks to solve the government shutdown. He showed some creativity in passing two continuing resolutions that get America into the new year without defaulting on its obligations. Kevin McCarthy had promised to release the 40,000 hours of the January 6 video, but never did it. Last week Mike Johnson delivered on McCarthy’s promise by releasing the video. Johnson has continued all the congressional hearings that the GOP had been working on this year. The impeachment inquiry and the weaponization of government on its people will continue to be investigated. Mike Johnson is only a few weeks into an excessively big job, and I am already seeing and hearing some conservatives mumbling about Johnson’s ineffectiveness. That makes me wonder and ask questions, are expectations for the House of Representatives way too high? Shouldn’t we understand there can only be limited results with split political parties controlling the federal government? On this episode of Our Lives & Politics, we go into a live X Space to get the pulse of the people. How do you feel about the Mike Johnson young speakership? What were your expectations for the 118th Congress? Are you satisfied? Or are you already frustrated with Mike Johnson? Plus, Booker Scott shares some evidence, despite the way things may appear that America is still functioning as the Republic the founding fathers intended.    

2 12, 2023

#33 – Gavin Newsom: Waiting In The Wings

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In this episode, Lou and Jesse discuss the Gavin Newsom and Ron DeSantis debate, the expulsion of George Santos from the House of Representatives, Tucker Carlson's comments on Trump's potential conviction, and the format of political debates. They highlight Newsom's evasiveness and lies during the debate and his dangerousness as a politician


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